Physical and Health Education

MYP Physical and Health Education aims to empower students to understand and appreciate the value of being physically active and develop the motivation for making healthy life choices.

PHE fosters the development of knowledge, skills and attitudes that will contribute to a student’s balanced and healthy lifestyle. Through opportunities for active learning, PHE embodies and promotes the holistic nature of well-being. Students explore a variety of concepts that help foster an awareness of physical development and health perspectives, empowering them to make informed decisions and promoting positive social interaction.

MYP physical and health education also helps to prepare students for overall success in the DP, and connects directly with their participation in creativity, activity, service (CAS). CAS complements students’ demanding academic preparation with a requirement for physical exertion that can contribute to a healthy lifestyle. In CAS, students continue to develop skills in reflection that they use to undertake new challenges and plan activities—including competitive sports, personal athletic programmes and endurance events, and physically active service learning projects.

Assessment Criteria

A: Knowing and understanding

B: Planning for performance

C: Applying and performing

D: Reflecting and improving performance