The study of Mathematics is a fundamental part of a balanced education. It promotes a powerful universal language, analytical reasoning and problem solving skills that contribute to the development of logical, abstract and critical thinking. MYP Mathematics promotes both inquiry and applications helping students to develop problem-solving techniques. Students are encouraged to use ICT tools to represent information, to explore and model situations and to find solutions to various problems.

•    MYP mathematics relies on a progression in the complexity of the level of mathematics throughout the programme and requires at least 50 hours of teaching time for each subject group in each year of the programme. 

•    From MYP 1 to 5, the framework for MYP mathematics outlines four branches of mathematical study- Numbers, Algebra. Geometry and Trigonometry, Statistics and Probability. 

•    In MYP 4 and 5 Topics and skills of the framework for mathematics are organized so that students can work at two levels of challenge: Standard mathematics and Extended mathematics. 

•    Standard mathematics aims to give all students a sound knowledge of basic mathematical principles while allowing them to develop the skills needed to meet the objectives of MYP mathematics. 

•    Extended mathematics consists of the standard mathematics framework supplemented by additional topics and skills. This level provides the foundation for students who wish to pursue further studies in mathematics: for example, mathematics higher level (HL) as part of the IB Diploma Programme. 

•    The MYP structures sustained inquiry in mathematics by developing conceptual understanding in global contexts. Teachers and students develop a statement of inquiry and use inquiry questions to explore the subject. Through their inquiry, students develop specific interdisciplinary and disciplinary approaches to learning skills. 

Aims and Objectives

The Aims of MYP Mathematics are to encourage and enable students to:
•    Enjoy Mathematics and develop curiosity, understanding, critical thinking and confidence.
•    Communicate clearly and appreciate moral, ethical and social implications
•    Appreciate the role of technology in Mathematics and its International dimension.
The Objectives of MYP Mathematics state the targets set for learning in the subject and encompass the factual, conceptual, procedural and metacognitive dimensions of knowledge. These are directly related to the Assessment criteria.

Assessment criteria
A: Knowing and Understanding
Knowledge and understanding are fundamental to studying mathematics and form the base from which to explore concepts and develop skills. This objective assesses the extent to which students can select and apply mathematics to solve problems in both familiar and unfamiliar situations in a variety of contexts. 

B: Investigating Patterns
Investigating patterns allows students to experience the excitement and satisfaction of mathematical discovery. Working through investigations encourages students to become risk-takers, inquirers and critical thinkers. The 
ability to inquire is invaluable in the MYP and contributes to lifelong learning.

C: Communicating
Mathematics provides a powerful and universal language. Students are expected to use appropriate mathematical language and different forms of representation when communicating mathematical ideas, reasoning and findings, both orally and in writing.

D: Applying mathematics in real-life contexts
MYP mathematics encourages students to see mathematics as a tool for solving problems in an authentic real-life context. Students are expected to transfer theoretical mathematical knowledge into real-world situations and apply appropriate problem-solving strategies, draw valid conclusions and reflect upon their results.