Technology Support

From the PYP onwards, Information Communication Technology (ICT) is integrated into all Units of Inquiry to allow the use of technology to enhance and transform the learning experience for all learners.


Technology Integrator Specialists lead and support all staff teaching the UOI to plan and incorporate technology further into current teaching and learning practices. In this manner, information can be gathered from multiple sources, technology can be utilized to enhance and transform the learners experience. Communication can take on many forms where technology is being used effectively leading to learner goals being met in a variety of ways.

The four main computer labs at CAIS contain Apple iMAC desktop personal computers where staff can book and use for classes. A class set of Apple iPADs and Apple Macbooks can also be booked and transported easily to classrooms so that technology can be integrated and utilized further. All devices follow a strict policy and are prepared with a list of educational applications and allowed access to specific sites.

All classrooms have data projectors and interactive whiteboards installed with audio and network support. Students from PYP1 to DP2 are also encouraged to add their own devices to the school network to support learning from school to home and vice-versa.