Music & Movement

Music and Movement for Kindergarten and Early Primary

One of the main goals for music and movement is to make children’s lives richer, through musical experiences that will help develop their and skills senses

•   a balance of music and movement activities can contribute to the development of all children according to their individual patterns of growth and development

• music and movement can promote the balanced development of all children's sensory systems according to individual growth patterns

• music and movement can support concepts and skills that children are developing, but enjoyment of music takes priority

•   children are natural musicians and dancers and, given the opportunity, will express themselves musically in a variety of creative ways

There are many music and movement experiences that are appropriate for young children. Children move their bodies in expressive ways, they dance to the beat of the rhythms they hear, and they sing with spontaneity unmatched by even the most melodic adult voices. Music and movement activities fill the early childhood classroom with radiant happy faces and laughing, joyful children.