Lesson Times for Online Learning for Secondary 

All lessons commence at the same time as scheduled on the the regular school timetable. However, as teachers and students need time to switch between video links for different online classes, breaks between lessons are 5 minutes to allow time for the changeover. Please see the lesson times below for exact times:



The importance of a daily routine 

Based on experiences from the previous period of online learning, we strongly encourage parents to ensure their children maintain a regular routine. 

1. Getting up and dressed

Students should get up at the same time as a regular school day and dressed as usual  following school uniform requirements. 

2. Work Area

We strongly recommend that where possible students set tup a work space where they will not be disturbed but  parents can be aware of what they are doing.

We do not recommend that students close themselves off in their own room.  

A good compromise would be the student in an open area that parents can supervise and use earphones to block out local sounds.

3. Schedule

Secondary students follow the same daily school schedule and will takes break and lunch at the same time as a regular school day. 

4. Please ensure that students maintain a healthy, balanced  diet during this period

5. Trouble shooting issues and difficulties

Any student/parent who has any difficulties or queries should contact the relevant persons below.

   i. IT /technical issues : Please contact the IT Support Technician Tab by email:

   ii. Specific academic issues: For issues related to the classes and work please contact the relevant teacher direct via Managebac

   iii. General academic queries: For more general queries regarding the Middle Years or Diploma Programmes, please contact the relevant Coordinator through the School Office:

             MYP Coordinator: Mr John

                DP Coordinator: Mr Santo 



All Secondary students are expected to join lessons normal as per the regular school schedule.

Students and teachers  join live lessons with their classmates.

Students also participate in a live video session hosted by the Homeroom teacher

Students collaborate through video on groups on work


Students are engaged in work but not interacting with the class and/or teacher at the same time. 

For example;

Students complete an exercise posted on Managebac

Students view a a recorded video recorded by the teacher 

Students view a resources video posted by the teacher 


All Teachers use ZHUMU  to broadcast their classes live. 

Please note: ALL ZHUMU video broadcasts are recorded.

1. ALL Secondary Homeroom Teachers broadcast live every morning for registration to their Homeroom their class every morning at 7:50 am

2.  All Subject Teachers broadcast every lesson at the same start time as the regular schedule (see the times above)

3. Student attendance is recorded on Managebac for each lesson. 

Please click on for the Zhumu logo to the left to download the PDF guide on how to download and install 

How to install the Zhumu/Zoom APP

How to join a meeting after installation

Secondary MYP and DP Teachers

All Secondary teachers set preparation exercises and/or follow-up work for their lessons and post it online on the Managebac platform. 


Students should access their Managebac account everyday to check for the work assigned to them by their teachers. 

Students complete submit their work as instructed also via Managebac. 

As usual teachers will follow-up on non-submitted work.


Recorded Video

Some Secondary Teachers will also make and share short videos with their students to provide additional support, advice and  resources. These will all be made available on one online location.