Tuition and Fees 2024—2025

 Registration Fee*

 RMB 3,000

 Returnable Deposit

 RMB 1,000

 New Student Fee* 


 RMB 900


 RMB 2,000


 RMB 3,000


 RMB 3,100



 RMB 75,000/Semester


 RMB 99,000/Semester


 RMB 212,000/Academic Year


 RMB 230,000/Academic Year


 RMB 246,000/Academic Year

 DP2 IB Final Exam*

 RMB 7,900

 Stationery Fee *


 RMB 750/Semester


 RMB 1,900/Academic Year


 RMB 2,100/Academic Year


 RMB 2,300/Academic Year

 Transportation Fee 

 Zone A 

 One way

 RMB 600/Monthly


 RMB 920/Monthly

 Zone B

 One way

 RMB 730/Monthly


 RMB 1,120/Monthly

 Zone C 

 One way

 RMB 950/Monthly


 RMB 1,400/Monthly

 Zone D 

 One way

 RMB 1,200/Monthly


 RMB 1,800/Monthly

 Lunch Fee


 RMB 840/Monthly


 RMB 870/Monthly


 RMB 960/Monthly

 PYP1—DP2 Snack

 RMB 360/Monthly

  *These fees are non-refundable.

Tuition Statement 
All fees should be paid before the student starts school. Compulsory fees include registration fee, tuition fee, stationery fee, new student fee and returnable deposit, etc.

The tuition fee covers all the major costs of running a high-quality educational program. The tuition fee varies according to grade level, as shown in the tuition and fees chart.

For Early Years tuition is paid by semester. There are two semesters in one academic year(the semester is based on the first and last day of school. These dates are subject to change if there are changes to the school calendar which posted on the school website). From PYP1 to DP2 tuition is paid annually. Returning student’s school fee only can be paid by full academic year/semester. If the student who joins school during the school year, the tuition fee is charged from the month when the student enrolled in school to the end of the school year/semester.

Registration Fee 
A one-time, non-refundable/non-transferable registration fee is payable at the time of passing the entrance exam.

New Student Fee 
A one-time, non-refundable/non-transferable new student fee covers a package of uniforms.  The New Student Fee will be adjusted according to changes in the uniform style and quantity.

Stationery Fee 
Annual/Semester, none-refundable stationery fee covers the stationery, books and online resources which are needed for learning purpose, such as PM Books, IB Question Banks, Pens, Notebooks, Pigment, Experimental equipment,etc.

Returnable Deposit 
A one-time returnable deposit fee for library books. If the students lose or break school books, it will be deducted from the deposit, if it does not happen, the deposit will be returned to the payer when students leave the school. 

IB Final Exam Fee 
The IB sets the fee for DP2 examinations.

School Bus Fee 
Bus fee will be charged accordingly to those students who take the school bus service based on where they live in Changchun. For details please see ‘CAIS School Bus Stops and Fees’.

Lunch Fee 
The school lunch program provides students with a choice to either bring lunch from home or choose to pay for the lunch provided by CAIS. The lunch fee is calculated by monthly. If the student who joins school during the school year, the lunch fee is charged from the month when the student start to eat school lunch to the end of the school year/semester. 

Snack Fee
The school snack program provides PYP1 - DP2 students with a choice to either bring snack from home or choose to pay for the snack provided by CAIS. Early years Students’ snack is included in the lunch fee payment. The snack fee is calculated by monthly. If the student who joins school during the school year, the snack fee is charged from the month when the student start to eat school snack to the end of the school year.

From PYP1 to DP2, parents/guardians may enjoy a five percent (5%) discount on annual Tuition Fees (excluding any other fees). This is only applicable if payment is made before May 31st. 

Early Years students may enjoy a five percent(5%)discount on the first semester tuition fee (excluding any other fees). This is only applicable if payment is made before May 31st.
Early Years students may also enjoy a five percent(5%) discount on the second semester tuition fee (excluding any other fees). This is only applicable if payment is made before December 31st.

Payment Method and Returning students’ re-registrations for new school year 
The payment due date for fees is indicated on all invoices. All fees must be paid before the due date indicated on the invoice for a place to be confirmed.

Every May, June, July and August Admissions sends parents a new school year re-registration reminder through Managebac and Toddle.

For returning students, payment is due by August 15th. If student numbers in any grade are expected to be at full capacity, the due date for payment in those grades will be July 15th. The Early Years second semester payment due date will be two weeks before Jan.31.

If the school has not received the student’s tuition within one week after new school year/semester starts,the school will not guarantee his/her enrollment and the student  will be regarded as disenrolled automatically. At the same time our school office will  delete the student’s account from Managebac and Toddle.

Students are not allowed to attend school if the tuition and fees are not paid in full.
Parents can pay fees by bank transfer to the school account or by bank card in person at the school. Cash is not accepted.
Payments should be made to Changchun American International School Account by bank transfer or company check (when applicable) the payee shall bear all bank charges. 

If there are some differences due to foreign currency and RMB exchange rate, parents or the company shall pay it off by RMB.

Bank Details 

 Beneficiary’s Name  Changchun American International School
 Bank Name  Bank of China, Changchun Development Zone Sub-Br.
 Branch Address  No.200 Shenzhen Street, Changchun, Jilin Province, P.R.C
 School Account No  163616454358
 Swift Code  BKCHCNBJ840

Bank card payments can only be made in person at CAIS. CAIS will apply a 0.6% surcharge, per transaction, for a Chinese credit card. CAIS cannot accept foreign-issued cards.

After the student is registered in each academic year, the fees listed below cannot be refunded under any circumstance: 

  • Registration Fee  
  • Stationery Fee 
  • New Student Fee
  • DP2 IB Final Exam Fee

Tuition Refund Policy

If a parent/guardian desires to withdraw a child for any reason from CAIS, the parent/guardian shall deliver a written withdrawal notice to CAIS.

PYP1 to DP2 student tuition fees are partially refundable in certain case:

Date of Withdrawal

The First Semester

The Second Semester


Before 20th Aug. (including 20th Aug.)        

100% Tuition Refund

100% Tuition Refund   

The refund amount is based on the first and last day of school. These dates are subject to change if there are changes to the school calendar which posted on the school website.

From the 1st school day to 31st Oct. 

50% Tuition refund.   

100% Tuition Refund

From the 1st school day to 31st Jan.    

0% Tuition Refund.       

100% Tuition Refund    

On or after the 1st school day of 2nd semester.

0% Tuition Refund      

0% Tuition Refund      


For Early Years  the student tuition refund will be calculated from the start of the following month if the withdrawal application was submitted during the school year. 


All the fees are calculated by the whole natural month. 

The refund amount will be based on the date of the withdrawal notification and the student’s last day at school.  
CAIS will only give the refund after getting the invoice which school has issued. So please keep the invoice properly.
CAIS will refund the fees after receiving the written withdrawal within 15 working days.

Student lunches are planned and purchased in advance. Parents should apply for refund before the 20th of the month. CAIS refunds the lunch fee for the months following the date of your notice. If not, refund will be calculated from next month.  

Bus routes and seats are arranged in advance, so CAIS only refunds for the monthly transportation fee following your notice.

The deposit fee will be returned if there is no facility damage by the student, otherwise school will deduct some money as compensation. If the deposit is insufficient, the remainder of the cost needs to be paid in full by parents. 

Tuition Increase
In order to provide quality service for students and enhance teaching quality, the school will take some measures every year, which include increased investment in the teaching facility, recruiting outstanding teachers, increased teachers' overseas training, enriching the curriculum and high-end teaching materials. Therefore, school tuition fees will be adjusted appropriately every year on the basis of the above and to reflect the market economic situation of that year.

Responsibility of Payment of Fees 
The student’s parent or guardian is wholly responsible for payment of tuition and other fees by the due date, even in cases where payment may be subsidized by a third party such as the parent’s employer.

Force Majeure: Temporary closure of school buildings:
If the school buildings cannot open normally due to Force Majere, including but not limited to the closure of the school and the reduction of students' in-school learning hours, the school will continue to offer educational services. The school will employ a wide range of technological tools and platforms to minimize any possible interruption to student learning. In such cases the school will be unable to refund the academic tuition fees.