All CAIS Early Years teachers have set work for students using the Toddle Student app. Parents who have downloaded this app can access the work for their children. A group has been created for each class in WeChat.

Toddle Student App

Toddle Student App

All CAIS Primary students learn through the IB PRIMARY YEARS PROGRAMME (PYP) with a focus on Inquiry-led learning.

All CAIS PRIMARY teachers set work for students using the TODDLE STUDENT platform. Teachers can provide unique login codes to students and parents. Toddle student can be accessed through an internet browser or through an app on a mobile device. This app can be found in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store or downloaded onto Android devices through a dedicated link.

Parents who have downloaded this app can access the work for their children. 

Click here to view instructions for using the Toddle Student app.



A group has been created for each Early Year class by teachers in WeChat.  This will be the main source of daily communication with parents.

Additional information is sent by the teacher to this group.

Parents can ask questions and teachers can answer.

Teachers will also host optional Zhumu meetings for parents everyday to provide additional support.

Primary/EY Online Learning Schedule

During this period of online learning, Primary and Early Years will follow a timetable that matches CAIS’ regular school hours (7:55-15:00). Each class will share their timetable with parents to be referenced at home and create a structured learning environment, including established break and lunch times, reasonable times for going to bed and waking up.

These timetables will maintain the same amount of available contact time with all of the students’ regular teachers.  In addition, Homeroom teachers will include set times for parents to connect with them to provide guidance for at-home support of student learning.

Learning Resources

Early Years and Primary Teachers will upload supporting materials to Toddle.   These can be viewed and downloaded from this platform.  Students can upload videos and photos of their learning to the lessons set on Toddle Student.



Live Video -

All Teachers use ZHUMU (the Chinese version of ZOOM) to broadcast live to their classes. 

Please note: ALL ZHUMU video broadcasts will be recorded.


1. Watch the Videos below on how to download and use ZHUMU

2. Students must be accompanied by an adult

3. Student attendance will be recorded by the teacher.


How to install the Zhumu / Zoom APP

How to join a meeting after installation