CAIS is a diverse community of over 2,000 people including students, parents, family members, teachers and other staff represented by over 34 nations. There are a myriad of different activities and events throughout the year to reflect the different traditions and cultures.


Cultures and festivals

The community at CAIS has a rich tradition of respecting and celebrating a wide range of festivals and holidays. The school has vacations for a range of holidays on the calendar to celebrate various festivals including Chinese New Year, Lunar Festival, Tomb Sweeping Holiday, Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving and Dragon Boat Festival.


CAIS families

CAIS families are a diverse population and come from a variety of racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. CAIS parents are very supportive of the CAIS ethos and philosophy and organize several major events during the year including The International Community Festival, The Christmas Market, The Dragon Boat Race and the PTA Gala. There are numerous other events that are supported by CAIS parents from the Sponsored Mini-Marathon to  the Parent Workshops to name but a few.

CAIS teachers

Teachers join us from all around the world, the most represented nationality  is  the USA. They are highly qualified and experienced proactive professionals.

CAIS teachers are also involved in a wide range of activities outside of the classroom through the Service programmes, the Extra Curricular Activities programme (ECA) and the House system. The school empowers and supports teachers to be pro-active and develop new initiatives.