Changchun American International School in line with our holistic educational philosophy,  admits students with a wide range of skills and capabilities including those who can demonstrate academic ability, an enthusiasm for arts, music, sports and service.
Other important characteristics are:

  • An international outlook and a desire to be a global citizen of the future.
  • A willingness to work hard with a positive attitude towards learning.
  • A desire to develop all CAIS identities, to take full advantage of the opportunities on offer at CAIS.
  • A commitment to making a positive contribution to the wider CAIS community.

We accept students of all countries and regions who apply to enter CAIS and pass the entrance interview and examination. We encourage every family to drop by our campus and meet our professional staff and tour our well-designed facilities. 

Changchun American International School (CAIS) is an International School in Jilin Province. It is also an International Baccalaureate World School in the North-East of China that enrols 2-19 year old students.
School Entrance Examinations
All applicants will be interviewed by the Principal or Coordinators of the school. Some diagnostic tests will be arranged to help Admissions understand that some applicants may have special learning needs or need placement according to ability or previous experiences.

(I)  Nursery-K to PYP2
Applicants should be at least 2 years old to start to study in Nursery. All students who apply to Pre-K and Kindergarten should been trained to stop using diapers and they should have basic abilities to eat and go to the toilet by themselves. PYP1 to PYP2 applicants need to show their report card from their current school (English or Chinese).
(II)  PYP3 and above
All applicants who apply for PYP3 and above are required to provide two years of transcripts or reports in English or Chinese from their current school. Applicants need to take an entrance examination arranged by CAIS. It is usually a test of English and mathematics for the appropriate year (Chinese applicants also need to have a written and oral test of Chinese).
Candidates applying for entry into MYP5 (Year 10) or DP1 (Year 11) will be assessed and interviewed as to their suitability for the IB Diploma Program. They must be able to demonstrate that they are capable of passing the evaluation at the end of the year.  
Students must file a complete application and submit all documents as required by the Admissions of the school and pay the school fees before they start. The Admissions documents list is as follows:
a. Application Form
b. Two photographs (student and parents)
c. Copy of passport (front page and visa page for student and parents)
d. Health information and records
e. Immunization record (Nursery - PYP1 students)
f. Transcripts/Reports (translated to English)
g. Parent Contract
h Tuition Statement
i. Insurance Statement
j. Emergency Release Statement
k. Pick-up/ Drop-off Statement
l. Library Lending Agreement
m. Photo Waiver
n. Student Achievement Wavier
o. Student Visa Statement
To be successful at CAIS, students must be willing to work hard and be committed to our programme. Teachers provide the support necessary for students to become confident, independent learners. Additionally, we expect parents to be supportive of and involved in their child’s education.
CAIS also expects students and parents to understand and support the school’s aim to serve a diverse population. Our students come from a variety of racial, cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds. Admissions, teachers and students always work to maintain an environment that welcomes students from all over the world.