Language and Literature

Language and Literature is an inquiry-driven and highly analytical approach to learning a language for native, or near-native, speakers. Teaching strategies and learning experiences (both disciplinary and interdisciplinary) build upon the units students have experienced in their primary education.

Essential to Language and Literature are:
• the approaches to learning (ATL) skills, at increasing levels of complexity, throughout the programme
• the MYP command terms that are relevant to language development.

The aims of MYP language and literature are to encourage and enable students to:
• use language as a vehicle for thought, creativity, reflection, learning, self-expression, analysis and social interaction
• develop the skills involved in listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting in a variety of contexts
• develop critical, creative and personal approaches to studying and analysing literary and non-literary texts
• engage with text from different historical periods and a variety of cultures
• explore and analyse aspects of personal, host and other cultures through literary and non-literary texts
• explore language through a variety of media and modes
• develop a lifelong interest in reading
• apply linguistic and literary concepts and skills in a variety of authentic contexts.

The six skill areas in the MYP Language and literature subject group—listening, speaking, reading, writing, viewing and presenting—are developed as both independent and interdependent skills.

The key concepts contributed by the study of language and literature are communication, connections, creativity and perspective.

The four assessment criteria are:

A: Analysing

B: Organizing

C: Producing text

D: Using language

CAIS can offer the following MYP Language and Literature courses: Chinese, English, German, and Korean.