1. Inquire

Parents are welcome to consult school by phone, email or in person. The Admissions Office will be happy to give parents a detailed introduction.

2. Application Form 

Parents may apply by completing the application form. The Admissions Office will make related arrangements after getting the application.

3. Entrance Exam

All applicants will be interviewed by Principals. Students in PYP3 and above need to take an entrance examination arranged by CAIS. Students should pay 200RMB for the test.

4. Confirm the Grade

Students will be arranged in the correct grades according to their age and the results of entrance examinations. Nursery students should be at least 2 years old before Sep.1. PYP1 students should be at least 6 years old before Sep.1.

5. Registration File

Registration File includes Application Form, Photographs, Copy of passport (front page & visa page), Health information and records, Immunization record(Nursery to PYP1), Transcripts / Reports (translated to English), Entrance exam, Special Considerations, Parent Contract, and other agreements. 

Each student should complete the Registration File and hand it to Admissions 15 working days in advance of enrollment. 

6. Tuition Payment

The Admissions Office will send the payment notice to parents after  calculating the fees based on students’ grade and enrollment date. All fees should be paid before a new student starts.

7. Commence studying at CAIS

Useful Documents

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