Chinese Language

PYP Chinese A is an advanced Chinese course for students who use Chinese as their mother tongue. From Pre-k to PYP5, Chinese is available in every grade. The course practices IB concept-driven teaching and trans-disciplinary teaching, using unit inquiry-based teaching methods to integrate Chinese local teaching materials.

The focus is on stimulating students' interests and motivation to create an open and dynamic Chinese class. We are committed to cultivating students to become lifelong learners with both Chinese and international perspectives.

PYP Chinese B is a Chinese language course for students whose mother tongue is not Chinese. We use the textbook "Easy Steps to Chinese" as the main curriculum, combined with the unit of inquiry to carry out trans-disciplinary teaching. Students can not only learn the Chinese language systematically, but also have the opportunity to understand and experience the rich and colorful Chinese culture.

Chinese B is mainly taught by situational and immersive teaching, supplemented by activity-based teaching. This aims to stimulate students' interest in learning language and understanding Chinese culture. We encourage students to apply what they have learned, serve the community, and become valuable global citizens and lifelong learners.