Individuals and Societies

In DP Group 3 students have the option to study Psychology, Economics, and Business Studies. The subjects in this group aim to prepare learners for end of unit in-class assessments, whole-school and official IB exams, and further courses of study in higher education. Similar to MYP, ATL skills and Assessment for Learning are used to deliver content and topics of interest however higher order thinking is also taught by integrating Theory of Knowledge and Ways of Knowing into classes and assessment.

DP Group 3 also aims to promote Community, Action and Service and encourage students to develop international mindedness and take learning outside of the classroom as much as possible. The importance of these elements for developing as lifelong learners are reinforced and also built upon through going deeper into topics and extending learning to outside of the classroom and across curricular.

Group 3 recognizes that mastering Approaches to Learning is essential in achieving highly. Therefore, we aim to develop these skills both in and outside of the classroom through fieldwork, case studies, experiments, source analysis and critical thinking. These are essential for Internal Assessments – reports students must write for each subject – and for attaining the Diploma which will enable learners to get into the university of their choosing.
Students learn and develop subject specific skills in media-literacy, self-management, social and thinking skills, and learn how to apply concepts and theories in exam style questions. These skills are also taken with them onto further courses of study and the group 3 Diploma subjects give students an excellent grounding for university study.

All subjects in DP are assessed on components which include Internal Assessments and Exams. For Group 3 these consist of fieldwork, experiments, reports, and investigations. Students will develop their skills for these assessments during classroom-based activities, excursions, and a range of sources such as multimedia, presentations and intra-disciplinary learning.
All subjects in group 3 have exams both for internal report card grades and external assessments which will ultimately, together with the Internal Assessments, allow students to obtain the Diploma for university entrance. Exam questions include both short answer questions where students need to examine, interpret, define, justify and identify, and long answer questions which require students to analyze, evaluate, and discuss topics in more detail. Although these exams can be challenging, they do put students in excellent preparation for university style exams and we find our students go on to achieve extremely well in higher education.


Group 3 subjects at CAIS include: Economics, Business Management and Psychology.