CAIS High School Diploma


Students will receive a CAIS High School Diploma if they successfully earn 25 out of 28 possible credits:

-Students will earn one (1) credit for each year course completed with a grade of three (3) or higher. If a student fails to earn a course grade of three (3) or higher, CAIS administration may offer an alternative assignment and/or academic task to fulfill the requirement.
-Students will earn one (1) credit when successfully completing either Theory of Knowledge (ToK) or the Extended Essay (EE). If an IB -Course Diploma student, an alternative research project may be assigned and graded by appropriate CAIS faculty to earn one (1) credit.    
-Students will earn one (1) credit if they successfully complete the IB Creativity, Action, Service Project.
-Students will earn one (1) credit if they maintain a 90% attendance rate from MYP 4 - DP 2.
-Students will earn one (1) credit if they receive a Learner Profile Award at any time from MYP 4 - DP 2.
-Students may use only one (1) Learner Profile Award credit toward the 25 credit graduation requirement.

Further information

Transfer students will have their previous transcript(s) evaluated by CAIS to establish graduation credits needed. Some credit(s) may be waived if entering CAIS mid-way through the school year.