Student Well-Being

At CAIS we take a holistic approach to learning. School is about more than content and academics. In order for students to be ready to take their next step, whether that is the next program at CAIS or university, we have to give them the tools socially as well as academically.

The CAIS staff includes teachers, homeroom advisors, heads of department, coordinators and principals. This entire group works as a team to ensure the well-being of CAIS students. Well-being includes keeping students on track academically, praising successes and holding students accountable when they fall short. CAIS integrates restorative justice into our handling of behavioral issues assuring that students learn how to move forward on a positive path.

Click below to access the latest version of the Student Community and Well-Being Policy online.

Top row from left to right: John Salgado, Kristy Goodman, Kristian Dumicic, Jason Hayes, Ildiko Murray, Mark Andrews, Michael Rylance, Tina Martins, Santo Kurniawan

Bottom row from left to right: Lily Chang, Ciela O'Leary, Natalie Hewitt, Yvette Dauster, Catalina Wilches

Secondary Advisors

In Secondary, students are organized in Home Rooms with a Home Room Advisor. Students meet within Home Rooms every morning from 7:55 to 8:10 with their designated Home Room Advisors. The Head of Student Services is Ms. Ciela O'Leary.

Each Home Room is also scheduled for one lesson per week which is part of an advisory program aimed at addressing the social and emotional development of the students.

Primary Teachers


In Primary each class has a classroom teacher that is the main teacher for each class. A series of teachers referred to as specialists teach German and Chinese languages, Music, Art, and PE.