At CAIS the English as an Additional Language programme supports the English language development of both Primary and Secondary students.

 Students receive both in-class support and are withdrawn in small numbers. 

Students English progress is monitored carefully using external measures. All students sit the MAP Measure of Academic Progress tests three times per year, and Cambridge language exams twice per year.

Students can also elect to receive further support through the After-School EAL programme.

In Primary students who are identified as requiring additional English support receive both in-class support and/or are withdrawn in small groups.

English for Academic Purposes (EAP)

In Secondary MYP students who require additional English support are scheduled three extra lessons per week in the structured English for Academic Purposes program (EAP). This additional support is designed to help students reach the required levels more quickly.

Student progress is measured through external indicators such as the MAPS English testing and Achieve 3000 lexile levels.