International Community Festival

CAIS has offered the International Day for many years, bringing together families from different backgrounds and celebrating their national costume and cuisine.
 In 2019 CAIS developed this indoor event into a major outdoor event for the whole community.


This  event started with the Parade of the Nations along the specially decorated boulevard through the International Arch. Students, parents and family members and teachers walk behind their countries flag to the sound of their nation anthem. 

Afterwards the main event took place with a wide range of performances on the sound stages that involved the whole community. The PTA was actively involved in supporting the event and parents created many stalls to sell their national cuisine to help raise funds for the PTA Mini-Grants.

The event included  included 4 main areas;  

1. America Town with American BBQ and games

2. A large performance sound stage surrounded by food vendors

3. A smaller performance area with food vendors and activity stalls in the shaded courtyard area

4. A large multi-games area on the pitches